With 40 years experience, GSM Graphic Arts has invested into the latest technology to ensure we provide quality anodised aluminium labels.

In brief, anodising is the method of charging aluminium using electricity and sulphuric acid to encourage the pores to open. The aluminium is then printed using UV inks and sealed to effectively seal the ink beneath the anodic layer. Anodised aluminium can be used internally or externally as using the UV inks and anodising the aluminium provides a durable label suitable for use across many market sectors and is useful for labels for asset management.

Aluminium labels that have serial numbers give the labels a unique identification number and make product traceable. GSM Graphic Arts can offer serial numbers to plates by dot peening, laser marking or stamping the numbers into the metal. Alternatively, we can digitally print the numbers whilst also printing the required label.

Anodised aluminium barcode labels are an efficient method to track your assets and GSM Graphic Arts can offer various metal and plastic labels that are durable enough to be used externally. GSM Barcoding can offer a bespoke hardware and software package to suit all of your needs.
If you wish to discuss your asset tagging project with our team, please call +44 (0) 1845 522184.