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Ioniser-Pro is a brand name of GSM Valtech Industries Ltd who are a part of the GSM Group of companies.

After 40 years of manufacturing parts, the GSM powers that be decided to invest in developing our own complete product line. Designed by our own in-house engineers and manufactured in our West Yorkshire factory, the Ioniser-Pro is the first in a line of products to be released in 2017.

The Ioniser—Pro 600/1200 is the safest to use static elimination bar on the market.

The Ioniser-Pro can be used in any Industry where static charge is produced. Below is a sample of the industries we currently supply and the issues they face on a daily basis from static electricity:

Plastic Product Production

  • Operator Shocks
  • Dust Attraction
  • Machinery Jams
  • Slower Production Rate
  • Contamination

Printing Industry

  • Mis-feeding of printing material
  • Poor Quality Print
  • Operator Shocks
  • Stacking Jams
  • Alignment Issues

Textile Industry                                          

  • Machinery Jams
  • Issues during Warping Process
  • Fibre Breakage
  • Poor Quality Production
  • Breakdown of Production Line

Converting Industry

  • Fires in Solvent Coaters
  • Operator Shocks
  • Mis-feeding of materials
  • Jamming Machinery
  • Interruption of Process Electronics


  • Ignition of Volitile Solvents
  • Underfilling of Capsules
  • Underfilling of Bottles
  • Increased Rejection Rate
  • Poor Product Quality

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